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Orthopedic Drape
Orthopedic drapes are fabricated for medical usage. These are helpful in preventing contamination and keeping the sterile field free of germs and bacteria. Orthopedic drapes keep the rest of the neat and clean while the surgery. Also reduce the chances of infection in eyes. 
Gynecology Drape
Gynaecology drapes are highly effective and excellent in controlling infection. These products act as a barrier for the prevention of microbial transfer. Gynaecology drapes have maximum absorbency and fluid collection pouches for working in a dry area. 
Urology products are designed for medical and surgical treatment of diverse diseases. These are widely used for removing urine from the body for the prevention of blockage in urethra. Urology products come in medical blue colour and different sizes according to the requirement. 
Neurology drapes are employed for maximum protection and safety of the patient from infection. These are stitched for preventing the risk of surgical site infection. Neurology drapes keep the body of the patient isolated from the nonsterile area of the OR table. 
Cardiac drapes find their application during cardiovascular surgeries for maximum fluid control. These aid in getting a dry working area for surgeries like pacemaker, heart valve replacements, artery bypass grafting and more. Cardiac drapes also isolate the body from infections. 
General Surgery Drape
General surgery drapes are knitted in different sizes and shades of colours. These are best suitable for preventing the surface from getting contaminated. General surgery drapes maintain the sterility of the surface and surrounding in which surgery is going to take place. 
Opthalmics are engineered for the treatment of eyes. These are helpful in eliminating the exposure while fluid intensive procedures and phacoemulsification. Opthalmics are a U-shaped pouch which is fluid containment. Our products are either used for the right eye or left eye. 
Disposable Gown  & Apron
Disposable gowns and aprons are widely used by the patients and doctors in medical sectors. These are made up of low density polyethylene material. Disposable gowns and aprons prevent any kind of contact with infections, bacteria and germs.