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Orthopedic Drape
Orthopedic drapes are fabricated for medical usage. These are helpful in preventing contamination and keeping the sterile field free of germs and bacteria. Orthopedic drapes keep the rest of the neat and clean while the surgery. Also reduce the chances of infection in eyes. 
Gynecology Drape
Gynaecology drapes are highly effective and excellent in controlling infection. These products act as a barrier for the prevention of microbial transfer. Gynaecology drapes have maximum absorbency and fluid collection pouches for working in a dry area. 
General Surgery Drape
General surgery drapes are knitted in different sizes and shades of colours. These are best suitable for preventing the surface from getting contaminated. General surgery drapes maintain the sterility of the surface and surrounding in which surgery is going to take place. 
Opthalmics are engineered for the treatment of eyes. These are helpful in eliminating the exposure while fluid intensive procedures and phacoemulsification. Opthalmics are a U-shaped pouch which is fluid containment. Our products are either used for the right eye or left eye. 
Medical Disposable Products

Medical Disposable Products are sterilised, individually packaged disposable tools that pose none of the dangers associated with reusable equipment. Drapes act as a barrier between the surgical field and potential germ sources. They are used to protect a client's skin and clothes, therefore reducing the transmission of infectious illnesses.

Hospital Accessories

Accessories are designed and manufactured using high-quality raw materials and upgraded technology. These products are used in the proper treatment of patients. They are used by doctors for different purposes. They are very safe and great to use and dispose of. They are very economical to use.


Disposable Gown  & Apron
Disposable gowns and aprons are widely used by the patients and doctors in medical sectors. These are made up of low density polyethylene material. Disposable gowns and aprons prevent any kind of contact with infections, bacteria and germs. 
Disposable Drapes
Hospitals, clinics, outpatient facilities, dentist offices, and other medical institutions all use Disposable Drapes in some capacity. They are essential to ensuring a sanitary and secure setting for patients and healthcare professionals, which helps to carry out medical treatments successfully.
Surgical Gown
Surgical gowns serve as a protective barrier for both medical staff and patients, making them a vital part of infection prevention in healthcare. They are a need in the operating room and other sterile healthcare situations because of their adaptability, quality, and safety characteristics.
Medical Kit
When executing particular medical treatments, these medical kits are crucial in ensuring that healthcare personnel have access to the proper instruments and equipment. Their thorough planning and execution result in safer, more effective treatments, which ultimately improve patient outcomes and the standard of healthcare.
Delivery Kit
The promotion of cleanliness, security, and effectiveness during labor and other associated medical operations is one of the key functions of these types of delivery kits in maternal and neonatal healthcare. Based on the unique requirements of each birth event, healthcare practitioners select the suitable kit.
Hospital Bed Sheet
Hospital Bed Sheets are crucial parts of patient care because they make hospitals more comfortable, safe, and hygienic while also being simple for personnel to maintain. They are essential components in the healthcare sector because of their intelligent design and manufacture.
Face Mask
Medical face masks have come to symbolize the general public's health during epidemics and disease outbreaks. They are crucial for reducing the risk of infection and maintaining both the public's and healthcare workers' security. These masks are used for a variety of medical procedures in addition to general safety.
Disposable Plastic Apron
Disposable plastic aprons offer a dependable barrier against spills and splatters, letting you keep clean and safe as you work whether you are a healthcare professional, a food service worker, a DIY enthusiast, or simply doing filthy housework.